5. I have noticed that many Pentecostals use mimes and theatrical scenes to evangelize: what do you think?



We think that the use of mimes and theatrical scenes to present the Gospel to the unbelievers indicates the lack of power existing in the midst of these Churches which use these means to evangelize. For believers resort to these means when the power of God is no longer in the sermons.

Neither Jesus Christ nor the apostles nor all the other believers who at that time were called by God to preach the Gospel, used such means to attract people. They opened their mouth and God filled it with powerful and persuasive words, and often He accompanied their preaching with signs and wonders; thatís why many people gathered to hear them.

However, today unfortunately many believers donít want to follow the example of Christ and of the apostles, so we see these ridiculous and shameful performances.

Let us pray to God so that the days of old may return.