Baptisms with the Holy Spirit, tongues, interpretations of tongues, prophecies


Conversions Visions, dreams, revelations Healings, miracles, signs and wonders Men and women raised from the dead God's provision God's protection Persecutions God's judgements





Biblical Teaching concerning the baptism with the Holy Spirit, tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



1. How the Lord baptized me with the Holy Spirit *

2. God's power mightily manifested

3. Rivers of living water

4. John Follette

5. Endued with power from on high

6. A boy

7. He was speaking in Polish!

8. "He shall baptize you"

9. A happy family

10. Pentecost at a funeral

11. She was pleading God for Libya

12. 'Oh, such glory!'

13. Natives in India speak in tongues

14. Filled with God's glory

15. Baptized in Honolulu

16. She spoke of Christ in Japanese

17. Seven languages

18. Ziba

19. A visit to Kilsyth

20. Testimony from Motherwell N.B.

21. 'He will silently plan for you'

22. Gertie's pentecost

23. A letter from brother Garr

24. A pentecost by the Hudson River

25. A testimony from Scotland

26. Testimony from pastor Polman

27. A Chinese girl's testimony to Pentecost

28. Testimony of Smith Wigglesworth

29. The strange baptism of sister Kok at Amsterdam

30. The Spirit

31. I and the power of early Christianity *

32. He was interceding for some brothers unknown to us *

33. He was praising God in Hebrew *






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