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Biblical Teaching concerning Conversion


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



I was lost but now I am found - Giacinto B. *

I was a fanatic supporter of a soccer team – Illuminato B. *


Out of Catholicism

1. From tradition to Truth

2. Forgiven by Jesus!

3. From Nun's convent to Biblical conversion

4. The conversion of the nephew of pope Paul VI *

5. Alicia – My search for peace

6. A stray leaf

7. A seminarian in search for God's forgiveness

8. A priest but a stranger to God

9. Discovering the wonder of God's love

10. Testimony of Oliver McAllister

11. Rescued by the grace of God

12. The privilege of knowing Jesus my Saviour

13. The way made clear

14. Two soldiers

15. Before the mercy seat of God

16. From darkness to light



Out of Islam

1. From jihad to Christ

2. 'Mohammed and the bus driver'

3. From crescent moon to morning star

4. Leah's testimony

5. My best friend

6. The power of the Word

7. Omar's good mistake

8. Timothy

9. South Asia: what's the name of God?

10. Hussein's search for God

11. Germany: Iranian finds Jesus through a dream

12. Gulshan

13. From Mosque to Church

14. An Indian Muslim meets Jesus Christ

15. A voice without a body


Out of Hinduism

1. Death of a guru

2. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj's life changing testimony - From Hinduism to Christ

3. Shobana

4. The choice: To follow Jesus Christ. The price: To go alone with the Lord

5. Pandita Ramabai's Jubilee

6. Carrying light in darkness

7. Sacred stream


Jews who have believed that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah

1. Rabbi Asher Levy

2. How a rabbi found peace

3. The man in the white robe

4. I believe

5. A Jew who found his way home

6. From LSD to PHD

7. Arni

8. David

9. Batya

10. ‘I understood that Yeshua was the Messiah to come’

11. Shulamit

12. Peace, after great striving

13. Solomon Ginsburg

14. Charlie Coulson, the christian drummer boy

15. A chapter for Christians


Out of Jehovah Witnesses

1. From the Jehovah's Witnesses to Jesus

2. I left Jehovah's Witnesses after 28 years

3. They wanted our baby to die


Out of Mormonism

1. From Mormonism to Christianity

2. My God was too small

3. Now we believe in the true Jesus

4. Set free from the bondage of Mormonism


Out of Seventh-Day Adventism

1. Walking in the Light: a journey out of Adventism

2. It is for freedom

3. Conquering the Giant

4. The truth has set me free: leaving Adventism and finding Christ


Out of Armstrongism

1. Set free from Armstrongism

2. From Armstrongism to Jesus


Out of the Children of God

1. The Children of God

2. Life in the Children of God


Out of Christian Science

1. From Christian Science to Christianity


Out of Swedenborgianism

1. From Swedenborgianism to Jesus Christ


Out of Freemasonry

1. Freemasonry: one of Satan's master deceptions

2. From Masonry to Christ


Out of Klux Klux Klan

1. From Ku Klux Klan to Christ


Out of spiritism, satanism and witchcraft

1. Delivered from the powers of darkness

2. From the black magic to Christ

3. Out of kundalini

4. From witchcraft to Christ

5. Witchdoctor and family turn to Jesus in Bihar

6. Delivered from Satanism


Out of the New Age Movement

1. Inside the New Age nightmare

2. Marcia's story: a strange but true spiritual journey


Former murderers and bandits

1. Son of hope: my story

2. 'Is there any hope for a man like me?'

3. 'I die at midnight!'

4. Hardcore criminal to worship leader

5. A murderer's confession

6. A brigand arrested

7. An assassin converted

8. He took God as his Lawyer

9. Herculano: a miracle of grace

10. Sal's surrender

11. Transformation

12. Nellie's Christmas gift

13. Christ did what counseling couldn't

14. Saving grace, living grace, dying grace


Former homosexuals

1. Former lesbian discusses life-changing experience

2. He sent His word to heal us

3. A transformed transsexual


Former drug addicts

1. Beyond the shame

2. Freedom behind bars



1. The Lord will take me up

2. The Gilliland family

3. God's wonderful direction in the conversion of a soldier

4. Miracles of regeneration

5. From hell to the glory of God

6. The husband of Carmen Gonzales

7. A slave woman

8. An angel shows the way

9. 'The unknown God, who hung on the cross' rescued a whole village

10. Thailand: 134 families become Christians as prayer for rain is answered

11. 'I am a new creature'

12. Word pierces hearts

13. Script change

14. Ocean voyage

15. The conversion of a cruel master

16. An interesting incident in my early ministry

17. Testimony of Chris Smith-deliverance miracle

18. John 3:16

19. 'William you are going to hell'

20. The red-covered Testament

21. Mario's dream

22. God is never late

23. Cigar ends

24. A seed sown

25. Faith honors God and God honors faith

26. My mother

27. The conversion of a cannibal

28. He hid behind the stove

29. 'I wish I knew for sure'

30. How does the butterfly get out?

31. The wayward young man

32. The case of the Japanese barber

33. A little lad stopped praying

34. The superintendent changed his mind

35. Grip of promise

36. From Pearl Harbor to Calvary

37. An agnostic is converted

38. 'Do you want this Saviour?'

39. Detective Tod B. Hall

40. The conversion of Gypsy Smith's mother

41. The conversion of Gypsy Smith's father

42. The conversion of the wife of a keeper of a prison

43. A man and a woman who had lived for many years unmarried

44. Together again

45. Two people saved after years of prayer

46. Saved after fifteeen years of daily prayer

47. The story of the Mosuo

48. The village that lived by the Bible

49. The power of prayer

50. Free indeed!

51. Lost at sea, found in Christ

52. A child's prayer answered

53. God's love for José

54. Conversions in the ministry of D. L. Moody

55. Get my mother in

56. A soldier's story

57. A blacksmith prevailed with God for a revival

58. Testimony of a saved infidel

59. The widow's prayer answered

60. Persecutors put to silence, and converted

61. A wonderful answer to prayer

62. The dying child's prayer for her drunken father

63. He blesses God for the faith of his girl

64. The prodigal

65. Prevailing prayer of a child

66. How the prayer of faith reached a family

67. Carletta and the merchant

68. John Byers' prevailing prayer

69. 'And dying is but going home'

70. Victory over drink

71. Story of a conversion

72. A postman's conversion

73. My conversion and the baptism of the Holy Ghost

74. The chemist's mistake

75. Whitefield's brother converted

76. 'I never felt so before'

77. 'O my Jesus, i do love thee!'

78. 'My Bible frightened me'

79. Preaching to but one person

80. 'Do you love to read your Bible?'

81. Knocked into the Kingdom

82. Saved through Katy-Dids

83. A testimony of Mel Trotter

84. A tactful testimony

85. Moved!

86. Inky darkness

87. Went to headquarters first

88. The rapture

89. The tear did it

90. John Harper's last convert

91. He was converted through the efforts of his son

92. How a little boy worked for Jesus

93. Leading a father to Christ

94. He chooses the weak

95. A little gentleman

96. Mary's last words

97. Charlie's new song

98. The radio announcer

99. A doctor's story

100. Saved by faith

101. Another thrilling occurrence at Inskip's meeting in Sacramento

102. A striking coincidence involving Robert Matheson

103. A forger saved by a tract

104. An arrow shot around the world

105. How an oyster helped save a soul

106. The cut-in-pieces tract

107. Dying woman and the blood of Jesus

108. He almost missed it

109. How Moody preached to the atheists

110. Christ's vicarious death

111. Awakened by the Spirit through a song

112. No better book

113. The Bible often speaks to men

114. The Gospel will not burn!

115. Bread sown upon the waters

116. Good seed, even one grain

117. A little girl's timely question

118. Easier to carry me

119. Hindered by the press?

120. The sermon of a Sunday school girl

121. The cleansing blood

122. A stewardness is saved just in time

123. An Italian family's conversion

124. Born 1825 - born again 1925

125. Charlotte Elliott's conversion

126. Delivered from the chains of habit

127. Duncan Cambell's personal testimony

128. How i met the Lord

129. How two skeptics were converted

130. I know it works!

131. Sunshine Harris

132. Deliverance from drink

133. How a Chinese found God

134. Hiding place for a spy

135. A prayer finished in glory

136. The boy who held the lantern

137. Love lifted me

138. They dropped their guns

139. Saved at age 103

140. He renounced his atheism

141. Settled in time

142. Testing the acoustics resulted in a conversion

143. The other cheek

144. A mother's faithful witness

145. His newfound Friend

146. I've been saved

147. No other name

148. Saved by testing God

149. God hears you

150. How the milkman found Christ

151. An atheist converted through answered prayer

152. It was his transformed life that won the infidel

153. Fulfilled prophecy convinced this former atheist

154. An atheist converted after 'somebody' answered prayer

155. Beginning young

156. Try it on me

157. The power of song

158. The man with snakes in his boots and monkeys on his bedpost

159. A divine appointment

160. A soldier cries 'help' in the night

161. The target at which God aimed *


Preachers ……

1. Charles G. Finney

2. Charles H. Spurgeon

3. Dwight L. Moody

4. George Whitefield

5. John Wesley

6. Jonathan Edwards

7. Menno Simons

8. Smith Wigglesworth

9. Gypsy Smith

10. Hudson J. Taylor

11. James Chalmers

12. Titus Klose

13. John Bunyan

14. James Makey

15. Mr. Thorpe

16. Orville Gardner

17. Torrey

18. Charles T. Studd

19. David Brainerd

20. Charles Chiniquy

21. David du Plessis

22. Pat Snodgrass





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