Godís judgements


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Biblical Teaching concerning God's judgements


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



1. A glass of milk

2. He hated the Christians

3. Pictures of Hindu gods fall of the walls

4. Laos: God amidst the Khmu

5. God repays our good works

6. The Goddess asks an offering

7. Thirteeen eyes or A wonder of God

8. No match for God

9. Awful providences

10. One of the signs of His coming

11. Breaking vows

12. Judgement on a city

13. The little orange-boy

14. Impending damnation seen in a dream

15. He got the drink he ordered

16. The snake-infested grave of an infidel

17. Sudden judgment on an ungodly physician

18. Revival disturber shot same night

19. Punishment of a street meeting disturber

20. How the mocker died in thirty days

21. How far is it to hell?

22. íI am going to hellí and struck by lightning

23. Disturbed the revival, killed by a horse

24. Rowdy Leader suddenly killed

25. The mockers blown to pieces

26. Challenged the Almighty, killed by a gnat

27. The wheat that God let alone

28. Defied God and died on the spot

29. After twenty years the judgement came

30. Vilified Jesus and immediately dropped

31. The boasting physician and eight dead children

32. Called God a liar and burned on the spot

33. The iroquois theater holocaust

34. They covenanted together and were blown up

35. The mob leader killed on the way

36. An atheist who was slain by God

37. Swift judgement on a daring atheist!

38. An infidel killed by a gnat

39. Terrible lightnings and thunders

40. Judgements of God

41. God cannot be mocked *

42. An Evangelical pastor put to death by God *

43. She was struck by a lightning *

44. He refused to heed Godís warnings *





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