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Biblical Teaching concerning persecution


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



1. The martyrdom of Polycarp

2. A story of imprisonment, torture …. but also a story of faith, hope

3. She dared to save the Bibles

4. Willing to bleed for Jesus

5. Her last prayer

6. Walled in

7. ‘More love to Thee’

8. ‘We die with gratitude’

9. Stopped by terrorists

10. Three martyrs of Jesus Christ

11. A superlative witness

12. The Flaming Torch (1976-1983)

13. Soul-liberty among the Waldenses

14. The cedar of Lebanon

15. The soldier of Jesus Christ

16. The young martyr

17. Kicked for Christ’s sake

18. The cost of discipleship

19. Will you cease to pray?

20. Fruit from great persecution

21. Her Gethsemane

22. They found the Way

23. God's slaves

24. You can't burn our souls

25. Don't kill

26. You must baptize all my wives

27. You must swear the oath

28. You must be crazy

29. The weapon of love

30. I shall not be moved

31. A miracle of love

32. I cannot follow two paths






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