Visions, dreams, revelations


Conversions Baptisms with the Holy Spirit, tongues, interpretations of tongues, prophecies Healings, miracles, signs and wonders Men and women raised from the dead God's provision God's protection Persecutions God's judgements





Biblical Teaching concerning visions, dreams and revelations


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



1. The evangelist

2. 'I am not ashamed of Christ'

3. Parà

4. Called to be a pastor

5. Saved from death through a vision

6. No bottom

7. Isaac

8. The head of the big steer

9. Massacres of Christians foretold and fulfilled

10. A walk with the angels

11. In China

12. Among the zulus

13. Caucasus: small boy found through a dream

14. Indonesia: Lost son found after 8 years

15. A little girl's vision of heaven

16. Visions of hell

17. 'Put that money away'

18. 'No smoking'

19. £3.90p

20. Revelations from God in dreams

21. Little Jennie's sickness and death

22. Visions of heaven and hell

23. A vision of heaven

24. A birthday gift

25. A vision

26. The vision at Mons

27. The muster roll

28. The face of Christ: A miraculous appearance

29. The angels of peace

30. Visions of Christ

31. Visions of angels

32. The home-going of sister Goddard

33. Heavenly music

34. Those four words

35. George Shadford's embarkation scene pictured six years earlier in a dream

36. Led out of 'the swamp' of sin by a dream

37. Knowledge of a death given holy Ann in a dream

38. Caughey told about a dream of salvation

39. Levi Johnson's safety in Christ seen in a dream

40. Benjamin Abbott's dreams of hell and heaven

41. Guided to a holiness church through a dream

42. San Francisco destruction foreseen in a dream

43. Benjamin Abbott saw James Sterling in a dream

44. God's man - Jesse Lee - foreseen in a dream

45. Pearl Poe sees a man's hidden sin in a vision

46. How a suicide was stopped in the nick of time through a dream

47. A dream that instructed nathan bangs not to abandon his God-ordained work

48. Persecution restrained by a dream

49. A light hovering over the heads of the Methodists

50. Spectuacular sights in the heavens in 1772

51. 'I see hell right before me'

52. Ministering spirits

53. It worked

54. An 18-year-old dies 6 months after being saved!

55. M. I. Haney's captain foresees his death in a dream

56. George Shadford foreseen in a dream

57. An actual vision of heaven and hell

58. A heavenly visitation

59. The home call of a faithful brother

60. A vision of angels

61. A stranger of light in the cancer ward

62. The vision God gave me of Ruth's passing

63. A mysterious voice

64. A happy marriage *

65. Two dreams and one vision about John Paul II *

66. The Lord Jesus Christ on the throne *

67. How God called me to preach the Gospel *

68. How God prevented me from attending a Bible School *

69. How God prevented brother Stanley Harper from attending a Bible School *

70. How God called us to preach His Word in Lazio  *

71. The ray of light which came out of my eye *

72. The arch of fire and the star above us *

73. ‘I AM’ *

74. ‘I saw Jesus’  *

75. The Old and New Testaments *

76. Water baptism *

77. Canberra *

78. ‘I saw heaven open’ *

79. Brother Sforza *

80. Saved from a shipwreck *

81. ‘I saw hell’ *





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