I am fully convinced that false doctrines must be confuted through the Holy Scriptures because all false doctrines are lies and lies are dangerous for the Church of the living God, for their purpose is to do harm to the saints. Obviously, not all the false doctrines have the same bad effect on those who accept them; for instance, if a believer accepts the doctrine that holds that Jesus is not God or the one which says that Jesus is not the Christ or the one which holds that man is justified by the works of the law, he will stray concerning the faith; while if he accepts the false doctrine which holds that the apostle John did not see death he will not stray concerning the faith, even though he accepts a false doctrine. That is something which must be said for the sake of truth. Notwithstanding this, since even those false doctrines which do not cause believers to stray from the faith are lies – and lies, in one way or another, harm those who accept them - the best thing to do is to reject all false doctrines. Therefore, no matter whether a false doctrine causes a believer to stray from the faith or not, it must be repudiated and refuted for it is a lie, that is, something which has been conceived of the devil. Remember that the Scripture states that the father of lies is the devil (therefore lies are works of the devil), and that sin entered into the world because Eve, the first woman, believed a lie of that Ancient Serpent and you know how many harmful effects sin had on Adam and Eve and on all their descendants. So keep in mind that every false doctrine has harmful effects on those who accept it. Moreover, keep in mind this also: one error leads to another, for error is like leaven of which the Scripture says: “A little leaven leavens the whole lump” (1 Corinthians 5:6 – NKJV)

Following is a series of false doctrines I have confuted. There are three things I want to tell you about this series: 1) It is not complete, for there are many more false doctrines which are held and taught across the world, God willing I will add other false doctrines to this list; 2) The fact that sometimes you read that a certain false doctrine is held by a certain Church or a sect or a preacher and no other Church or sect or preacher is cited does not mean that there are no other people who hold that false doctrine; my purpose is not to let you know who are all those who hold a particular false doctrine but to let you know what that false doctrine holds and to show you from the Scripture that it is untrue, so when you meet someone who holds that doctrine you may know that it is a false doctrine and you may know how to refute it; 3) If you know a particular false doctrine held by an Evangelical Church or a sect or a religion or a preacher or a theologian or someone else which is not included in the following list and you would like me to confute it, let me know it.

I have this confidence in the Lord, that these confutations will be useful to you. Stand firm in the faith and fight the good fight of the faith till the end.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all the saints


Giacinto Butindaro


Rome, 2008



Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. Scripture quotations marked (NKJV) are taken from the New King James Version; those marked (NIV) are taken from the New International Version; those marked (NASB) are taken from the New American Standard Bible; those marked (ASV) are taken from the American Standard Version; those marked (YLT) from Young’s Literal Translation; those marked (NAB) from the New American Bible; those marked (IBRV) are taken from the Italian Bible, Riveduta Version; and those marked (IBDV) are taken from the Italian Bible, Diodati Version.



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