The Godhead




List of false doctrines



There is no God (Atheism)

God cannot be known (Agnosticism)

God is all, and all is God (Pantheism)

God does not intervene in the universe (Deism)

God is made of flesh and bones

God was once a mortal man

God the Father had a Father, and Godís Father also had a Father and so on

God is the greatest failure in the Universe

God lives on a mother planet

God can be maneuvered

God is a family

God is not a vengeful God

God is always loving and merciful - the anger is just an appearance

God has never used sickness to discipline His children

God makes mistakes

God delights in those who do evil

God is not omnipresent


The Lord Jesus Christ

Before the Incarnation, the Son of God did not exist

Jesus is the Son of God by adoption (adoptionism)

The body of Jesus Christ was the product of the physical union of God the Father and the virgin Mary

Jesus Christ was not born of a virgin

In Jesus Christ the Divinity took the place of human mind (Apollinarism)

The two natures of Christ became by their union only one Nature (Monophysitism)

Jesusí body was not a material or real one

The man Jesus is not the Christ, for the Christ is the spiritual idea of God or a ray from the cosmic Christ which entered the body of Jesus

Jesus is not God

Jesus is the absolute fullness of the Godhead; He is at once Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ married Mary, Martha and the other Mary at Cana of Galilee

Jesus was sexually abused by Roman soldiers

Jesus took on Satanís nature

Jesus Christ was born again in hell

Jesus Christ did not come to die

Jesus Christ was not killed nor crucified

Jesus Christ did not raise from the dead

Jesus Christ was raised not with the same body which He had prior to His death but as a spirit

The prints of nails in the hands and feet of the body of Jesus are only temporary

Jesus Christ is just one Messiah among many, and one of the Great Teachers of Morality, and Eminent Reformers

It was not till His work was finished that Jesus Christ was completely and fully God

Jesus Christ at His death did not go to preach to the spirits who were in prison

Jesus of Nazareth is not the Messiah for He did not do any of the things that the Jewish Scriptures said the Messiah would do


The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a force or an influence

The Holy Ghost is a Personage of Spirit, who is not the Spirit of truth and is not omnipresent


The Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity is false