List of false doctrines


 Salvation is obtained by faith plus good works

 The way of salvation according to the Roman Catholic Church

 The way of salvation according to Jehovah’s Witnesses

 The way of salvation according to Mormons

 The way of salvation according to Oneness Pentecostals

 The way of salvation according to The New Life Mission (founded by Paul C. Jong)

 The way of ‘salvation’ according to Judaism

 The way of salvation according to the Muslim religion

 Good people from all religions are saved

 All people will finally be saved (Universalism)

 Men can be saved apart from the name of Jesus Christ

 Those who have not heard the Gospel in this life will have the opportunity to hear it and to turn to the Lord in the afterlife

 God has not predetermined that some will be saved and others lost

 A believer in Jesus Christ can’t fall away from the state of grace (‘once saved always saved’)

 A Christian who commits suicide will go to heaven

 The blood of Jesus alone can’t cleanse a Christian from certain sins

 Regeneration is a gradual process taking many years, involving effort, love, good works

 Christians will be born again at the time of the resurrection of those who are Christ’s

 Forgiveness is not always immediate

 The cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary (one of the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s distinctive doctrines)

 There are two kinds of eternal life; one is eternal life and the other is everlasting life

 We should store up merits to offset times of demerits

 Let us not cut out the tares which are in us