List of false doctrines


The New Jerusalem is not an actual heavenly city

The fire of hell is to be understood figuratively

When people die, they become completely nonexistent

The souls of the departed saints, in conjunction with the holy angels, minister to the heirs of salvation; whereas the souls of the departed wicked, in conjunction with evil angels, inflict death or evils of various kinds on the men who do not know God

All those who die in Godís grace will go to a place called Purgatory to undergo purification

Paradise is not Heaven

Sex in heaven


The two witnesses spoken of in the book of Revelation chapter 11 are the Old and New Testaments

The Second Coming of Christ has already taken place

There are two Ďreturnsí of Christ; the first one occurred in 1914, while the second one will occur when he comes to earth to conduct the battle of Armageddon

The second coming of Christ will consist of two phases, one for the saints (the Rapture) and the other with the saints (the Revelation of Christ), and the intervening period between the two is the time when the world will experience the Great Tribulation, involving the reign of Antichrist and the outpouring of Godís wrath on the wicked

The resurrection has already taken place

There will be no physical resurrection of the dead

The unjust will not rise again

A special resurrection will take place just before the second coming of Christ

At Christís coming the saints whom the Lord will find alive upon the earth will suffer death and receive immortality

The saved will have wings in the resurrection



Dominion theology

During the Millennium the saints will reign with Christ in heaven and will engage in the investigative judgement of unbelievers

The wicked will be annihilated, and they will be as if they had never existed

Heaven and earth will be renewed not destroyed