Christian morals



34. Is it lawful for a woman to have an abortion?



No, it is not lawful for a woman to have an abortion because to have an abortion is to commit a murder in the sight of God.

For when a woman gets rid of the fetus who is in her womb she does nothing but kill a human being (even though in this case the human being is in the making), she breaks the commandment of God which says: “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13 - NKJV). That she commits a sin, is confirmed by the witness of her conscience, which will not cease rebuking her until she repents of her sin before God and confesses it to God.

Therefore, when a woman gets pregnant she must not think of having an abortion.

Obviously, things are completely different if she has a miscarriage, for in this case a woman cannot be accused of having put to death a human being.