7. Can demons cause people to speak with other tongues?




Yes, they can. Actually that’s what happens in various parts of the world. Please, pay attention to what I am about to say: this does not happen just in the midst of the jungle or in the midst of some forests in some countries of the so called ‘third world’, but it happens also here in the Western countries, that is, in the so called civilized countries. This supernatural ability given by demons to some people is one of the lying signs worked by the devil. What I have just said is confirmed by sister Doreen Irvine, who was a powerful witch before her conversion to Christ; for in her book From Witchcraft to Christ she says that the devil enabled her to speak with other languages she had never learnt, here are her words: ‘And travel I did, in luxury, with the chief Satanist, who was also a black witch. Holland, Germany, France were some of the countries I visited. Foreign witches entertained the two honoured guests in grand style. We stayed only at the best hotels or sometimes in large, expensive houses situated in beautiful grounds, which were, of course, homes of witches. The travels could aptly be described as a tour of sin. There was no language barrier, for when I called upon Lucifer to help me, he did, and it was not long before I could understand the various tongues, not long before I could converse with ease. That old saying, "the devil looks after his own," is true only when it suits his evil purposes’ (Doreen Irvine, From witchcraft to Christ, printed in Great Britain, Kingsway publications Ltd, Eastbourne, E. Sussex, 2001, page 104).