15. Where do demons live?




Demons principally live in the air above the earth, since their prince, that is, Satan, is “the prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2). It’s in the air that is above the earth that we find the four categories of demons, which are the principalities, the powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).

Some demons live under the earth, and even under the sea; there are several testimonies of former wizards which confirm this.

Some demons live in the bodies of some human beings, in this case we speak about demon possession. Since, according to the Scripture, demons can enter animals as well (Mark 5:11-13), we conclude that some demons live in certain animals.

Some demons live in arid places, for Jesus said that when an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places seeking rest (Matthew 12:43).

Some demons live in pagan temples. Among the pagan temples filled with demons are the Catholic places of worship, where idols are worshiped (know this, that behind every statue or image of the Roman Catholic Church there is at least one demon). I know two testimonies: the former of a brother (who died many years ago) and the latter of a sister (who is still alive) to whom God revealed the presence of demons in the Roman Catholic places of worship. Furthermore, Lester Sumrall in his book Alien Entities tells us something which confirms that pagan temples are places where demons live or manifest themselves. Here are his words: ‘One time I visited a Buddhist temple in China. It was called the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods. What are these gods? I talked to the head priest there about them. In the center of the temple was a great Buddha, perhaps 20 to 30 feet high, made of bronze, very expensive. I called the priest over and through my interpreter asked, ‘What can this god do?’ (Sometimes it is nice to be ignorant.). The priest looked at me and said, ‘Right now, nothing’. I said, ‘Well, what do you keep it here for, if it can’t do anything?’ He replied, ‘Do you see down in front? We bring in food, rice and vegetables, and then we bring in the candles. We light the candles and then I begin to pray. The god is off wandering around someplace. When I pray, he comes into the image here. Then he can do things. We have all kinds of testimonies of what he has done’ He showed me a hole in the back of the statue and said, ‘This is where the spirit of the idol goes in and out’ (Lester Sumrall, Alien Entities. A look behind the door to the spirit realm, printed in the USA by Whitaker House [PA], 1995, page 24).

Some demons live and manifest themselves in private houses where people involved in occultism lived. In his book Death of a Guru Rabindranath R. Maharaj tells us some strange incidents which took place in the house where his grandfather Nana had lived. ‘Nana died when I was still very young. My mother and I then shared his bedroom. His rum shop and dry-goods store downstairs, and the large living quarters upstairs, still echoed with Nana’s heavy, angry footfall long after his death. At such times his spirit could be felt brooding within that fortresslike mansion he had built of solid concrete. Those who do not believe in the occult forces underlying the universe may consider this to be rank superstition or hysteria. However, we heard his footsteps stomping back and forth in the attic, and often just outside our bedroom doors when we had retired for the night. Visitors, too, experienced these things. There was hardly a guest who spent the night with us who was not attacked physically by unseen hands or did not see sudden apparitions. Some relatives would never stay overnight again after one such experience. But those of us who called that house our home had no choice but to remain there. Nana had been heavily involved in Hindu occultism and was critical of those who merely philosophized about their religion without learning to use the supernatural forces. As I grew older, Ma confided in me a secret that she had kept in her heart for years and had shared only with Aunt Revati: that Nana had sacrificed his first son as an offering to one of his favorite gods. This was not an uncommon practice, but it was never spoken of openly. Nana’s favorite deity was Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu the preserver. Goddess of wealth and prosperity, she demonstrated her great powers when Nana rose at almost one leap to become one of the most powerful and wealthy men in my native Trinidad. When the small frame shack that Nana had built for his family and business mysteriously burned down, he had replaced it with a huge house that became a landmark on the road from Port of Spain to San Fernando. No one could guess where the money had suddenly come from – or where he had acquired the gold that he stacked in the large safe sunk into a thick concrete wall of the new house. Not many of the hundreds of thousands of emigrants from India and their descendants had been able to accumulate wealth so easily and so suddenly. We all believed that powerful gods had helped him. In turn he had given his soul to them. Lutchman Singh Junction, where I lived, had been named after Nana. It lies on the main road south of Port of Spain. Among the large East Indian population in Trinidad, Nana was recognized as one of the Hindu leaders, a man who had mysterious supernatural powers that none could deny or cared to meddle with. It was common knowledge that spirits guarded the more than one million dollars in gold coins that Nana had buried on one of his many properties – no one knew just where – at the beginning of World War II. Few would dare to defy the spirits by seeking that buried treasure, and there was not a obeah man who had been able to learn the secret location using even his most potent sorceries. Those priceless gold coins, worth many times as much today, remain hidden still. Nana prized occult power even more highly than money. His strong iron safe contained one object he wouldn’t sell at any price – a small white stone from India, possessed of spirit powers both to heal and to curse. It would draw the venom out if held over a snakebite, so reliable witnesses reported, although I never observed that particular feat myself. One of my uncles told me how, out of curiosity, he had once cautiously opened the door of the private room containing Nana’s safe …. To be greeted by a giant snake that guarded not only the money and papers but other secrets of the room that were only speculated about in whispers. Whether the snake was real or a form taken by the spirits, as some have suggested, I myself saw that huge, brightly colored reptile lurking under the house long after Nana’s unexpected death of a heart attack at the age of 63’ (Rabindranath R. Maharaj with Dave Hunt, Death of a Guru, Hodder and Stoughton, Great Britain, 1986, pages 22-23).

Some other demons live in private houses where certain crimes have been committed. Lester Sumrall tells us an incident happened to him which confirms this: ‘Once I was staying in the home of a fine Christian gentleman in Denver, Colorado. It was a large house, and the guest room in which I slept was in a back portion of the house, away from the area where the man and his wife were sleeping. One night about 2:00 a.m. I was awakened. There in the door I could see the silhouette of a woman. The room was dark, but I could plainly see her standing there. I could distinguish her features. She was fair of face, a Scandinavian type, with long blond hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in night clothes and was carrying a pistol in her hand. I immediately knew what it was I was seeing, and what had caused it to appear. Someone had been killed in that room at some time in the past. The next morning I confronted the owner of the house. ‘Sir’, I said, ‘Someone was killed in this house’. ‘No’. ‘Oh, yes. Someone was killed in this house. I’m further telling you that you have had problems here’. We looked at each other. I said, ‘Go talk to some of the neighbors who have lived here a long time. Ask them what happened. I’m telling you, a woman died in this house’. The man went to the neighbors and asked them, ‘I just bought this big beautiful home a few months ago. Who lived there before me?’ The neighbors answered, ‘A Swedish doctor’. ‘Why did he move away?’ ‘His wife shot herself in the back room and she died’. That was the same room in which I had been sleeping. The man came back to the house, amazed. When he asked, ‘How did you know that?’ I replied, ‘I saw her there’. ‘What did she want? he asked. ‘The spirit of suicide is in this house’. Then the man broke down and told me the truth. He said, ‘The first time in my life that I ever thought of committing suicide was in this house. I had been told by that spirit four or five times that the best way out of this was to take my life’ (Lester Sumrall, Alien Entities, pages 42-43)

Demons live in cities; some cities are particularly full of demons.

Demons live in certain mountains, rocks and trees, which are inhabited by evil spirits; the heathen know very well these places for they go there to worship these demons.