16. How does a human being receive a demon?




One can become possessed in one of the following ways.


At birth


There are babies who have been dedicated to the devil by their parents at their birth (some even while they were still in their motherís womb). Therefore demons will manifest themselves in these human beings from their childhood and usually they enable these babies to do things that other children canít do at that age. So there are even little children that need to be set free from the powers of demons.


By inheritance


There are witches and wizards all over the world who Ďwillí the spirits to their sons. So when the witch or the wizard dies her or his sons will receive the evil spirits who were with his mother or with his father. Thatís what happens in the occult world.


By pagan dancing


Demons enter people during some particular dances or rituals. For instance, during the macumba dance of Brazil, or the voodoo rituals of Haiti, or the thaipusam of the Hindus, demons can enter the dancers and sometimes this is exactly what happens, for some of them fall to the ground, choking and vomiting by demon power. They dance and cry out to the spirits for possession and they get possessed. The atmosphere during these dances is really full of demons, it is indeed an awful atmosphere.


By practicing wrong meditation


Demons can enter people when they practice certain kinds of meditations, such as TM (Transcendental Meditation) which is very widespread in the Western Countries. Those who practice TM must assume certain body postures and must speak a Hindu phrase of worship called Ďthe mantra,í which is a secret formula from the Hindu language and which are sounds and code words of praise or pleading with Hindu deities (and these deities are demons). The purpose of TM is to bring a manís mind to the union with a transcendental being called Brahman and to make him experience and find his divinity. TM produces an altered state of conscience which actually induces the meditator to give place to evil spirits. So stay away from these kinds of meditations which were created by Satan in order to make demons enter people.


By practicing spiritism, witchcraft Ö.


There are people who became possessed by demons after they went to a spiritualist sťance, which is a meeting presided by a medium during which the participants allegedly communicate with their dead loved ones. However, these people do not communicate with their dead loved ones but with demons, and thus they give place to them. Other people have become possessed by attending black masses, which are diabolical meetings where the devil is worshiped and where sometimes human beings are sacrificed to the devil. All the occult practices are used by the devil to make evil spirits enter people. So stay away from all these evil and diabolical things, abhor them and expose them.