17. Can demons appear to men? If the answer is ‘yes’, could you tell me how they look like?




Yes, demons can appear to men. Even Satan, the prince of demons, can appear to some, and actually he has appeared to many so far. Usually Satan appears to witches and wizards (but he can appear also to people not involved in witchcraft).

Emmanuel Eni Amos, a former agent of Satan, in his book Delivered from the powers of darkness tells us that Satan appeared to him; here are his words: ‘I later went back to Lagos. One day, a girl named Ninna came to me. Ninna whose parents were from Anambra State was a very beautiful young girl but lived mostly in the sea, i.e. the underwater spirit world. She was an ardent agent of the Queen of the Coast and very wicked. She hated the Christians to the core and would go all length to fight Christianity. I first met her during my visit to the sea. Ninna came for an errand from the Queen of the Coast. We left immediately and on reaching there I learnt of our having a conference with Lucifer – Satan. In this meeting he gave us the following instructions: To fight the believers and not the unbelievers, because the unbelievers were already his. When he said this, one of us asked: “Why?” He said the reason was that God drove him out of ‘that place” (he refused to call the word ‘Heaven’ and all throughout our meetings with him he never mentioned the word ‘Heaven’. Rather he would always use the word ‘that place’) because of pride, and therefore HE DOES NOT WANT ANY CHRISTIAN TO GET THERE (Heaven). He also told us that we should not fight the hypocrites. “They are like me”, he said. He continued his speech and said we should only fight the real Christians. THAT HIS TIME WAS NEAR, THEREFORE “WE SHOULD FIGHT AS NEVER BEFORE AND MAKE SURE NO ONE ENTERS ‘THAT PLACE.” So one of us said to him: “We heard that God has sent someone to rescue mankind back to God.” Satan then asked: “Who is that?” ONE MEMBER ANSWERED “JESUS” AND TO OUR GREATEST SURPRISE, LUCIFER FELL FROM HIS SEAT. He shouted at the man and warned him never to mention that name in any of our meetings if he loves his life. IT IS TRUE THAT AT THE NAME OF JESUS EVERY KNEE MUST BOW (Philippians 2:10), including Satan. After this incident he encouraged us and told us not to mind “these Christians”, that he Lucifer would soon come to rule the world and would give us, his agents, a better place so that we would not suffer with the rest of the world and he would make us rulers. HE CONTINUED THAT SINCE MAN LIKES FLASHY AND FANCIFUL THINGS, HE WOULD CONTINUE TO MANUFACTURE THESE THINGS AND MAKE SURE THAT MAN HAS NO TIME FOR HIS GOD AND THAT HE WOULD USE THE FOLLOWING TO DESTROY THE CHURCH: 1. Money, 2. Wealth, 3. Women. At the end of this speech he dismissed the meeting. This was my first meeting with Satan. Several others followed after this meeting’ (Emmanuel Amos Eni, Delivered from the powers of darkness, Scripture Union Press and Books Ltd, P.O. Box 4011, Oyo Road, Ibadan, Nigeria, First Published 1987, pages 21-22. Read his book here).

Doreen Irvine also tells us in her book From Witchcraft to Christ that Satan appeared to her while she was a witch; here are her words: ‘One day he [the chief Satanist] informed me, "You are now ready to become a sworn-in child of Lucifer." The ceremony would be complicated and lengthy. Many Satanists would be present, Satanists from other temples in England. When the time came around, about eight hundred or more Satanists were present, all punctual, since no one was ever late for any meeting. I was dressed in a loose black robe, whilst hymns and prayers were chanted to the great god of darkness, death, and mystery. Flaming torches sent weird shadows racing across the walls and ceiling. The vessels on the high altar were dedicated one by one, and the silver knives kissed. The chief Satanist rose from his throne and raised his hands, whereupon all, including also me, fell down and worshipped him. Two priests disappeared behind the black drapes at the rear of the raised platform and returned with the sacred white cokerel. Its neck was broken and split open, and its blood caught in a silver cup. More chants and prayers to Satan followed. The air was heavy with evil. The chief Satanist approached me and made an incision in my left arm, and my blood was caught in the cup that contained the blood from the slain bird. The knife was again kissed, and the blood mixed. I then drank some of this blood and made my vows to Satan. Next I dipped my finger in the mixed blood and signed a real parchment, thereby selling my soul to Satan for ever and ever, to be his slave for all eternity. I was now a true Satanist, and everyone rejoiced that another child of Satan was born. The people went crazy, and all kinds of evil scenes followed. Much wickedness was done that evening. To my surprise I was sworn in as high priestess, a high honour indeed in Satanist circles. When I protested that I wasn't ready for such a place of honour, the chief Satanist said it was a request of the great Lucifer himself, and he must be obeyed. In this position I could serve my master better. I was qualified to handle the sacred vessels and wait at the high altar. I was known as the great priestess Diana. I felt very important. From a bit of conversation overheard at the strip club I had become a leader in Satanism, and Satan was indeed my master. I even heard his audible voice and saw him materialize in front of me. On more than one occasion Lucifer materialized in a black form before all Satanists in the temple. No one disbelieved; it was indeed Satan. We heard his voice speaking to us as a whole congregation. We knew it was he saying: "I am Lucifer, your master. I speak unto you from my lips. Obey my voice, my children. Do all the evil you wish. Never fear - I will protect you at all times. Revel in your freedom of lust this night. It is pleasing in my sight." We all obeyed without question. …… The scene was set for the great ceremony at which the next queen of black witches was to be chosen. Black witches from all parts of England assembled, as well as witches from Holland, Germany and France. They arrived before Hallowe'en, when Dartmoor was a hive of activity. The influx of visitors at Plymouth certainly included many witches. The arrived in smart cars, not on broomsticks, and booked in at hotels looking for all the world like successful businessmen and women - which some were. This was the new face of witchcraft - prosperous, almost respectable - a veneer that concealed tremendous forces of evil. Taking drugs before the ceremony helped to quell my feeling of nervousness, and I confidently faced the ordeal. The ceremony commenced with chants to the ancient gods and demons. The moon goddess Diana was my favourite, for obvious reasons. After the rituals the great test of power began. Seven witches, including me, were competing for the title. Success would not be easy, for all witches have great powers. A bird was released from a cage. I killed it in flight. It was something I'd done before, but I was the only one who did it in this test. Various other supernatural feats were performed that eerie night on Dartmoor, but the last was the greatest: fire-walking. The test was to walk through a great bonfire (not a ring of fire, please note, but a great blaze). The successful candidate would meet Lucifer in the centre of the blaze, and Lucifer would be seen by the assembly to take the hand of the witch and guide her through the flames so that she would emerge completely unscathed. I walked confidently into the flames of seven feet or more, all the time calling on my great master, Diablos. Suddenly I saw him materialize before me - a great black figure. I took his hand and walked with him to the centre of the great blaze. There I paused, the great flames leaping around me. Only when I emerged at the other side of the blaze did my master Diablos disappear. Not even the smell of burning was upon my loose witch's robe or my long flowing hair. Everyone was prostrated on the ground. "Hail, Diana, queen of black witches!" rose the loud cry of over a thousand witches. A crown of pure gold was placed on my head, a cloak beautifully embroidered with gold was thrown around my shoulders, and an orb of gold placed in my left hand. I took my seat on the throne, which had been prepared before the ceremony. These and all other objects used were of great value and were carefully preserved for the reigning queen. Wild and frenzied celebrations followed: dancing in the nude and other sensual pleasures, drink and drugs. Diana, queen of black witches, was of course the centre of attraction, regarded with pride by her master and lover, the chief Satanist. After all, I was his protege. He had trained me’ (Doreen Irvine, From witchcraft to Christ, printed in Great Britain, Kingsway publications Ltd, Eastbourne, E. Sussex, 2001, pages 93-95, 101-102).

Demons have different colourings and shapes. Some have human forms. Some others are part human and part animal. And some other demons look like known animals and unknown creatures, some of these are frightening in their appearance.

Those terrible images we see worshiped by the heathen are nothing but the real images of the demons those people worship (they call them deities). The priests of those heathen have seen these spirits, drawn them and made images of them in stone or metal. Rabindranath R. Maharaj, a former guru now a born again Christian, in his book Death of a guru tells us that during the transcendental meditation he practiced he had some visions from the devil in which he saw one of the Hindu deities, that is, Shiva, called the Destroyer. Here are his words: ‘Often while I was in deep meditation the gods became visible and talked with me. At times I seemed to be transported by astral projection to distant planets or to worlds in other dimensions. It would be years before I would learn that such experiences were being duplicated in laboratories under the watchful eyes of parapsychologists through the use of hypnosis and LSD. In my Yogic trances most often I would be alone with Shiva the Destroyer, sitting fearfully at his feet, the huge cobra coiled about his neck staring at me, hissing and darting out its tongue threateningly’ (Rabindranath R. Maharaj with Dave Hunt, Death of a Guru, Hodder and Stoughton, Great Britain 1986, page 75)

I know personally a sister in the Lord who has told me that while she was a Roman Catholic she had a dream in which she saw a being part human and part animal which was above the head of a catholic priest during communion; obviously at that time she did not know that being was an evil spirit.

So far I have spoken of visions and dreams in which Satan and demons appeared to people who at the time were unbelieving persons. However, these evil beings can be seen sometimes even by believers. That happens when God gives a vision or a dream to one of His sons. For instance, in the book of Revelation, the apostle John says that he saw some evil spirits; here are his words: “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty” (Revelation 16:13-14). As you can see, those evil spirits looked like frogs.