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Baptism with the Holy Spirit


1. 1. What is the baptism with the Holy Spirit?

2. Some Christians say that if a Christian does not speak in tongues he does not have the Holy Spirit, is that true?

3. Are there any Christians who speak in tongues but actually are not baptized with the Holy Spirit?

4. Many Christians affirm that the baptism with Holy Spirit is received when one is born again, while some others affirm that it is received after the new birth: who is right?

5. Is it possible for a Christian to be filled with the Holy Spirit without speaking in tongues?

6. Is it through the baptism with the Holy Spirit that one becomes a member of the Body of Christ?

7. Is it right to ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of the Holy Spirit? In other words, is it correct to call upon the Holy Spirit in order to receive the Holy Spirit?

8. Is it true that on the day of Pentecost tongues were given to evangelize?

9. Is there a gift of laying hands upon the believers that they may receive the Holy Spirit?

10. Can a believer be filled with the Holy Spirit today and begin to speak with other tongues tomorrow, or after several days?

11. Under the law when some people were filled with the Holy Spirit they did not begin to speak with other tongues, could you tell me why?

12. .... And why did the apostle Paul in all his doctrinal epistles never mention it? Then I will give you by myself the explanation with the Word of God. Why did the disciples speak with other tongues? It was absolutely necessary an outward sign, otherwise the disciples would not know that the Holy Spirit had been poured out and that the Holy Spirit might be given also to the pagans, while to us who live after that period of introduction to the new dispensation cannot be said that the Baptism with the Holy Spirit is necessarily connected with speaking with other tongues; on the contrary, Paul affirms that not all speak with other tongues (1 Corinthians 12:13-30). If it were as you would like us to believe, why then did the same Spirit not guide Paul to write that thing in his epistles, where we can read the fundamental doctrines of Christianity? And if the Holy Spirit did not prompt Paul to write that, why today do you want to make it become a doctrine? Why did not Paul and many others speak in tongues when they were converted? Why did not Elizabeth speak in tongues when her baby leaped in her womb?

13. Is the baptism with the Holy Spirit necessary for salvation?