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Christian morals



1. Can we lie in certain cases?

2.Can a believer be an organ donor, in the light of the Scriptures?

3.What do you think of homosexual 'marriages'?

4.Is it lawful for husband and wife to practice birth control in order not to have any children or too many children?

5. Could you write for me a biblical teaching about scandals and the attitude we ought to have toward those believers who cause offenses?

6. What do you mean by 'the love of the world' in your article 'Demas, a bad example we ought not to follow'?

7. Is smoking a sin?

8. Why am I not allowed to go to the beach to get tanned and amuse myself? What's wrong with going to the beach?

9. .....'Can we sacrifice a life in the name of the research?'

10. Which is the commandment we must keep, 'Turn the other cheek' or 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'?

11. I have met a brother who has told me that he has not sinned since he was baptized in water several years ago. What do you think?

12. Is premarital sex lawful, according to the Word of God?

13. I have read the question on birth control and your answer, and I would like you to consider carefully these things. 1) One thing is what the Bible recommends, and another thing is what it forbids. As far as children are concerned, all the passages you have rightly quoted speak of a blessing for those who hear the Word of God and keep it. 2) I don't think we should lay burdens on those who cannot bear them. We should face problems with confidence in God's guidance, but how can we urge them to receive children as blessings, who don't have enough faith? 3) There are no explicit passages which state that hindering conception is sin except one passage which, however, condemns the violation of a Jewish law about giving an inheritance to a dead brother, and in my opinion this is a very important and delicate subject. 4) The fact that it is written the opposite does not mean that it is implicit, for the Scripture states that we must speak truthfully to our neighbour but it explicitly condemns lying. I hope I have given you some points upon which to ponder.

14. No offence meant (many things on the web site are really interesting and complete); however, I cannot accept your contempt for any kind of music, dance, theatre . Why shouldn't God like what we do to praise Him, to exalt Him and to spread His Word? Not going against His teachings is what matters, and a good Christian music, which is more lively than usual, certainly cannot do any harm! And the theatrical scenes can be useful to attract those who otherwise would not hear the Word of God, it is done for Him! Why shouldn't the Lord appreciate it?

15. Are the decrees which were determined by the apostles and elders at Jerusalem (Acts 15:19-29) still all mandatory, or some of them have been abolished?

16. What must we do if the governing authorities command us to do something which is contrary to the will of God in Christ Jesus for us?

17. What's sin?

18. Can a man - according to the teaching of the Bible - have long hair like a woman?

19. Is it lawful for a Christian to sing or to listen to songs which talk of love - I mean clean songs which exalt the true love between two persons, such as the 'old songs' of Domenico Modugno, etc.?

20. I would like to ask you this question: is masturbation a sin? I read the Bible, and I have noticed that the only carnal sins the Bible speaks of are fornication and adultery. However, I read in 2 Timothy 2:22: "Flee also youthful lusts" (NKJV). I would like to know what youthful lusts are, whether they are sexual desires (masturbation, fornication etc.) or something else. I know some psychologists and pedagogues who say that masturbation is an important moment for the life of young people because they come to know and explore the function of one of the elements of their body, that is, sex. I know that there are different opinions about it; however, I would like to know from you what the Bible says about it, bearing in mind what these doctors say. I wait for you answer. My best regards.

21. Could you tell me something more about the conscience; I know that the Holy Spirit awakes it, but what effect does sin have on the conscience? Is there any Biblical basis for the well known 'scruples of conscience'?

22. How should a believer behave in case of conflict with another believer, whether he is right or not, and even if he is partially wrong and partially right? What does the Scripture, the only rule of conduct, have to say about this? What are the causes of the conflicts among the brethren? How do the conflicts develop and how can we overcome and resolve them brotherly, peacefully and happily?

23. Is homosexuality a disease?

24. Does a person who is tempted sin?

25. Is it right, in the light of the Scripture, to beat one's children in order to correct them?

26. What's the unpardonable sin?

27. I would like to point out to you that some of your answers seem to be a little ingenuous (I would say, too ingenuous). For instance, when you answer the question about birth control, you quote 1 Timothy 2:5, which seems to me too much! It seems almost that if a woman does not give birth at least to a child, she will not be saved. Are you really sure that the meaning you give to that passage is correct? What do you think about girls, about unmarried women, about barren women, who cannot bear children? And what do you think about those men who don't beget children?

28. When I was a little girl and till not many years ago (now I am 24 years old) I often made vows or promises to God to force myself to improve (even for ridiculous things; for instance, I promised to God not to eat much in order to lose weight). Now I don't remember these promises, but my pastor has told me that he can make void my vows. I probably (I say probably because I am not sure about it) promised to God I would stop wearing make up little by little (I know that to you wearing make up is a sin, but according to my pastor it is not a sin!). I want to know if my pastor can make void this vow or promise as well! Obviously, my pastor told me he can.

29. What does it mean 'to tempt God'? How can one tempt God?

30. Should a Christian suffer? Is it normal for a Christian to suffer?

31. Why is this world full of so much wickedness? Why are men dishonest, murderers, unjust, merciless, hypocrites, etc. ?

32. What do you think of cremation?

33. Is it lawful for a woman to undergo sterilization?

34. Is it lawful for a woman to have an abortion?

35. Is it a sin for a Christian to be rich?

36. Does a believer commit a sin if he wants to become rich?

37. Can a Christian run into debt?

38. Why are there so many false doctrines in this world?