Questions and Answers






1. What does Paul mean when he says that if a man desires the position of a bishop, he must be blameless and must have a good testimony among those who are outside (1 Timothy 3:1-2,7)? That is to say, what's the meaning, according to the Word of God, of these words 'blameless' and 'good testimony'? Furthermore, I kindly ask you to help me to understand when a Christian really loses his blamelessness and his good report and what the Word of God says to those who, being called to the ministry, before or after they began to fulfil the ministry, lose their blamelessness and their good report.

2. If an elder of the Church is left a widower and he remarries, can he continue to be an elder (or a bishop)?

3. Is it correct to call the place of worship 'House of God' and 'Church'?

4. Is it right that a pastor should not work but be supported financially and materially by the Church he shepherds?

5. Can a woman be ordained as a deaconess?

6. Can a woman teach the Word of God?

7. Can a believer receive more than one ministry from the Lord?

8. Is it lawful during the worship service to play musical instruments?

9. Here in Italy there is a more and more insistent need to establish the female ministry, as a sign of emancipation; what do you think of this?

10. On this web page,  you deal with the question of women's ministry, and let me say that it seems that you have solved the problem in a very perfunctory way, and you hold offensive ideas about women. If we believe that man and woman have the same dignity, how can you say that the woman must be submitted to man and she cannot hold the same positions held by man? Is it not much more judicious to set up equal relations between men and women, in mutual respect and estimation? How can you say, in 2000, that the woman must keep silent and be submitted to man because she was seduced by the devil more easily?

11. Why are we the temple of God?

12. Should an elder abstain from drinking wine?

13. Does the Bible forbid a woman to pray in the churches, since it is written: "Let your women keep silence in the churches" (1 Corinthians 14:34)?

14. What is the scriptural way to collect money from the saints for God's work?