Questions and Answers






1. Does the devil exist?

2. Can a believer be possessed by demons?

3. Can demons be cast out of the body of a person?

4. Can demons hurt us sons of God?

5. Can the devil prevent God from answering our prayers?

6. What do demons believe with regard to God?

7. Can demons cause people to speak with other tongues?

8. Do the devil and his demons know that one day they will be thrown into the everlasting fire, where they will be tormented forever and ever?

9. Can demons enter animals? In other words, can animals be demon-possessed?

10. I would like to know the difference between a demon possessed person and a person who is in the bond of iniquity?

11. Are demons more active in one nation than in another?

12. Can witches and wizards put curses on us children of God?

13. Are there always physical manifestations when demons come out of a demon possessed person?

14. How many demons can one person have?

15. Where do demons live?

16. How does a human being receive a demon?

17. Can demons appear to men? If the answer is 'yes', could you tell me how they look like?

18. Where does a demon go after he has been cast out?

19. Can the witches and wizards deliver a demon possessed person using their occult arts? That is to say, do they have the authority to cast out evil spirits?

20. When we cast out demons in the name of Jesus Christ, can we send them into the everlasting fire?

21. There are some Christians who fear the devil; is their attitude right?

22. Are there different kinds of demons?