Questions and Answers






1. Does God exist?

2. Who created God?

3. What's the name of God?

4. Can God be known?

5. Has anybody ever seen God?

6. Does God still speak as He did in ancient times, that is, through visions, dreams and by making man hear His voice?

7. I want to ask you a question about earthquakes, floods, lightning which strikes people, the big hail, and other natural phenomena which cause disasters (and often they cause many victims as well); are all these things judgements of God?

8. I have read in one of your writings that 'God chastens His children because He loves them' (you took Hebrews 12:6 as a starting point for saying those words). What do you mean by 'chastening and scourging'? Many Churches teach that among these chastenings is also sickness so they regard God as the one who sends evil in order to bring up His children!!!

9. I have often heard that God hates sin but not the sinner; is that true?

10. Does God sometimes make mistakes?

11. Does God really care for all the details of our life?

12. If God is love, how can He condemn some of His creatures to an eternity full of torments?

13. If God exists and is so powerful - as you claim - why doesn't He intervene to settle this world so corrupt and depraved, to put an end to every iniquity and injustice?

14. Why must God be worshiped?

15. If God is omnipotent, why did He not hinder sin from entering into the world?

16. During a sermon broadcasted by RadioEvangelo* I heard Francesco Toppi say 'God is not an avenging God but a God of love'; is that true?

17. Does God test us?

18. Was God called Father by the Israelites before the coming of Christ?