Questions and Answers






1. Why do many Jews keep their heads covered even when they pray?

2. I have noticed a six-pointed star on the flag of the State of Israel; what does this star mean?

3. I have noticed that many Jews rock back and forth while praying; can you explain to me why?

4. What do the Jews say about Jesus of Nazareth?

5. Are all the Jews waiting for the Messiah? And what will the Messiah do when he comes?

6. Do the Jews still practice the circumcision?

7. Are there priests and Levites among the Jews? If the answer is affirmative, can you tell me the functions which they perform in the worship of the Jewish religion?

8. Why do the Jews refuse to accept Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah promised by God through His prophets?

9. I saw a little box affixed to the entrance of the homes of the Jews; what is it?

10. Why is the Wailing Wall so important for the Jews?

11. I heard that the Orthodox Jews are very much devoted to the State of Israel; my question is this, can we say this about all of them?

12. Do the Jews want to rebuild the temple?

13. Besides the books of the Old Testament, do the Jews use other books?

14. Why did not the Jews recognize Jesus as the Son of God?