Questions and Answers






1. While I was reading the short Psalm number 70 and I was meditating on it, I noticed that the Psalmist says to the Lord, 'Make haste' three times (v. 1,5 - NKJV), and one time he says, 'Do not delay' (v. 5). I wonder, 'Did the Psalmist not know that passage of the Scripture which says that "God has made everything beautiful in its time" (Ecclesiastes 3:11)? And if he knew it, why then did he say to the Lord, 'Make haste,' and, 'Do not delay'? Furthermore, I wonder, 'Do we question the fact that God answers our prayer in His own time, when we say to the Lord, 'Make haste' and, 'Do not delay'?

2. Is praying for something more than once a sign of lack of faith?

3. Why does God not answer our prayers sometimes?

4. When we pray, should we pray only to God the Father or can we pray also to the Lord Jesus Christ?

5. Must a Christian give thanks to God (or say grace) before he eats?