Jesus Christ is risen


Many years ago I and my brother were evangelizing in Labico, a little town in the province of Rome. While we were near the wash-house, a little boy (who was about 10 years old) who was riding his bicycle had a problem with it, for the chain of his bicycle came off. When we saw that, we helped him put it back on.

We then took the opportunity to talk to him about the love of God, saying that God so loved the world that He gave His Son Jesus on the cross for our sins, and we urged him to believe in Jesus Christ with all his heart. With regard to this, we told him to pray to Jesus that He might forgive all his sins. When he heard that, he said to us, ‘I already pray to Jesus!’ So I asked him, ‘And what do you say to Him?’ His answer was, ‘Jesus, rise from the dead!’ When I heard it, I marvelled and said to him, ‘Listen, Jesus has already risen from the dead!’

It may seem incredible, yet that catholic boy did not know that Jesus rose from the dead! It is most likely that the image of Jesus represented always crucified, which the Roman Catholic Church sets forth everywhere, had influenced that body.

Some people do not know that Jesus is risen from the dead; perhaps they know that He died on the cross, but they do not know that He is risen; some others do not know that He died for our sins either. Still some others have heard of His death and His resurrection, but they don’t believe that He died and rose again that we might be saved. It is our duty to proclaim to all men, both to small and great, that Jesus died and rose again: He died for our offenses and rose again because of our justification (cf. Romans 4:25), and to urge them to repent and believe in these two historical events, which constitute the foundation of the Gospel.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, says Paul. So let us declare the Good News to this world, for that is the meaning of the word ‘Gospel,’ so that so that those who hear it may believe in the Gospel and thus be saved from their sins.