What we believe and teach

- Visions, dreams, revelations -



God speaks to men through visions and dreams, or through an audible voice only (in this case, therefore, He speaks to them without a vision or a dream). He speaks to unbelievers to lead them to Jesus Christ, that is to say, to save them from their sins and from everlasting perdition. He speaks to the saints to encourage them, to comfort them, to rebuke them, to teach them, to warn them. God can reveal them an event which is to happen or an event which has already taken place, or the true identity of a person, or He can command them to go to a certain place or to do a particular thing. God can also reveal them the presence of evil spirits in a person or in a place.

God cannot lie, so He can’t reveal a future event that will not take place or an event that did not take place. Therefore, if anyone predicts an event and that event does not happen, he who has predicted that event has spoken presumptuously; if anyone says that the Lord has revealed him an event which has already happened, but that event did not take place, that person has told a lie. God cannot reveal doctrines which nullify the Holy Scripture. He cannot reveal another Gospel, or an alleged ‘full Gospel’ or ‘fullness of the Gospel’ as if the Gospel which is written in the Bible were incomplete. All the visions and all the dreams and all the revelations which prove to be presumptuous, untruthful and contrary to what the Scripture teaches, must be rejected without hesitation.

Sometimes God guides us even by visions, dreams and revelations. I have said ‘sometimes’ because God doesn’t always use these means to cause us to go to a certain place or to do a particular thing, or to meet someone. In most cases God guides us through the Scriptures, the impulses that the Spirit of God gives us inwardly in one direction or another, and through circumstances which are created and changed by God according to the counsel of His will.